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Next week’s maths

Hello Year 4. What do you know about 3D shapes?

In our lessons next week, we shall explore the properties of 3D shapes. You can prepare for our lessons by engaging with this activities then complete the challenge below.

Start by investigating our key words.

Use this dictionary to find out.


Explore some more…




Have a lovely weekend.

Year 4 Team

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Be one step ahead in maths

Hello Year 4,

Next week in maths, we shall learn how to calculate the area of rectangles. Please do some extra practise of your times tables. Here is a video about area. Once you have watched the video, have a go at the activities below the video. Remember to familiarise yourself with the key vocabulary using the dictionary link.

Enjoy the rest of the week and see you on Monday!

Calculating the area of rectangles.




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Did I hear someone say MEASUREMENTS?

Hello year 4.

For maths next week we are learning how to calculate the perimeter of rectangles.

What do you already know about rectangles?

Here are some activities to help you get ready for next week’s learning.



These are our key words for next week.

Use this dictionary to help you.


Happy weekend!!

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What are we learning in maths next week?

Hello Year 4. Next week in maths we will learn how to multiply and divide decimals by 10 and 100. So it is important that you secure what we have learnt so far about decimals and begin to explore next week’s key words.

Here are some games to start you off.




Next week’s key words: tens, ones, tenths, hundreds, greater than, less than, place value, divide, multiply, decimal point.

Maths is fun dictionary:


Have fun and enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Year 4 Team

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IMPORTANT: Year 4 Home Learning

Hello Year 4 🙂

Welcome back to our new Spring term. I know things are very different to what we had expected, and there are some new changes. These can feel nerve-racking and cause us to feel lots of mixed emotions, however you are feeling, whatever emotions, it is OK. We are all feeling lots of different emotions in these strange times. We are in this together, and all the staff at Heavers, and your parents/carers are here to help you feel at ease and to ensure that you are OK. 


Dear parents following the announcement of the national lockdown and school closures, all learning will be moved online. To facilitate this, the school is moving to use SeeSaw and Zoom for daily activities and lessons. This post contains:

  • Key info for remote learning this week.
  • Key info for plans today (Tuesday).
  • Introduction to software we will be using during remote learning.
  • Weekly timetable during remote learning.


Each class will be holding a Zoom meeting this morning to take a register and check who has access to Zoom and explain a bit more about how home learning will work via Zoom and Seesaw. All pupils are expected to join if they are not in school and they can do so. Pupils in school will be joining these Zoom video calls and supported to access activities from school. There won’t be any formal lessons today and we will just be making sure that everyone is comfortable with how these two apps work! Moonstone and Quartz class zoom registration is at 10:00am and Opal class zoom registration is at 09:45am.

Your class teacher should have sent you a Zoom link yesterday– we will not be posting these publicly on the blog so please check your text messages and emails for the zoom links for this mornings registration. Please click on the link sent to you by your teacher to join the zoom call at these times. (Moonstone and Quartz at 10:00am and Opal Class at 09:45am)

  • 10am – Welcome back / registration 
  • 10:15am – Rules & expectations whilst using Zoom
  • 11.15am – How to use SeeSaw & Activity 1
  • 1.15pm – Registration using Zoom & Activity 2 
  • 2.15pm – Story time\


SeeSaw is a platform used by schools to post learning activities. It is easier to track activities and responses, and pupils can reply with pictures, written comments or even videos. This gives us lots more opportunities for interesting remote lessons. 

We have emailed each of you with your login to our class. Please check you emails for the log ins that were sent to you yesterday.


Zoom is a free video calling software. It has be regularly used throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as used extensively by schools and teachers to facilitate remote learning.

We are aware that many of you will not be familiar with these two apps and we understand that you might be feeling overwhelmed, particularly given the short notice that schools, parents and teachers have had for the school closure. 

We understand that these are really challenging circumstances, and with little notice from the authorities, we apologise for the late notice of these changes. 

We would like to thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support through this ever changing times. 

We look forward to seeing you later this morning!

The Year 4 team 🙂

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Later this afternoon, we watched Alice in Wonderland, enjoyed some popcorn and finished off our party food. The children will bounce off the walls this evening but it was well worth it.

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A very happy unbirthday to Quartz class!!!

The Year 4 project this half term was Alice in Wonderland. We had fun learning diary entry writing skills. We then each chose a character from the story and finally wrote our own version Alice in Wonderland diary entries. We learnt about surrealism in art and made mad hats  in D&T.

This morning, we had our finale with a tea party to celebrate our unbirthdays. Enjoy the photos (apologies for the blurry ones, the children showed off their best moves💃🏾).

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Hello year 4

Here are some more homophones for us to practise spelling next week. Homophones are words which sound the same but are spelt differently.


What do these words mean? Create a sentence for each of these words to show that you understand it’s meaning.

Year 4 Team.

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Hello year 4

In spellings this week we are learning how to spell homophones: words which sound the same but are spelt differently

Just in case you can’t log on to Seesaw, here are this week’s spellings. 











What do these words mean? Create a sentence for each of these words to show that you understand it’s meaning.