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Opal class!

Good morning Opal class!

So……… this is it!

We have very nearly come to the end of the year and this is my last class blog to you all! It is very sad that we are not saying a proper goodbye, but that is fine because I will see you around school and I will be waving like crazy!

We also have this space so during the summer, use this post to say hi to me and each other, keep in touch and let everyone know what you are up to. You can still send photos of your summer into the year 4 email year4@heaversfarm.sch.crydon.uk which would be lovely.

So give your final shout outs! Let me know what you have planned and remember Opal class, have a brilliant summer.

A few reminders…….. keep reading, keep playing TTRS and keep being brilliant!

Lots of Love

Miss Miller

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Turquoise class: Letters to your future selves….

Hi there, Turquoise class!

I can’t BELIEVE that we are in our final days of Year 4…. how did that happen?!

Before I post my soppy goodbye message to you on Friday (I’m holding back the tears here!!!), I wanted to remind you of something you did almost a year ago.

Way back in September 2019 when you first joined Turquoise class in Year 4, you all wrote a letter to your ‘future self’. Our plan was to open and read the letters together in class before we broke up for the summer. Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other plans!

I would still love for you to read your letters so I have posted them below. I’ll be honest, reading through these letters has made me very emotional and proud! I am so proud of all of the progress you have made this year and everything you have achieved. You have all grown into such lovely, amazing, inspiring and intelligent young people and I really hope you see this too, when you read your letter!

Some of you made predictions about what you think the year may have held for you, but none of us could have guessed everything that has happened around the world in the last few months.

Enjoy reading your letters and keep your eyes peeled for my goodbye message on Friday!

I would love to hear some of your thoughts about your letters (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger).

Lots of love,

Miss Mckee xxx

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R.E. 15.7.20

Your learning goal for today is: 

To show your understanding of morality and its values

Can you remember some or all of the Ten Commandments which are written in Christian writings? 

Thought point:

Do you think that the Ten Commandments are just useful for Christians or do you think they can help all of us think morally and make moral choices?

There are positive and negative values. For example, honesty is a positive value because it is moral and encourages people to live peacefully. However, some people may value hatred – this would be a negative value because this is unkind, is immoral and doesn’t help lead people to a happy, fulfilled life.

Although all of us have values, this does not necessarily mean that all of our values are positive values. People can value different things in life, and everyone has their own view of what is right and wrong. For example, you might value honesty however, your friend might think it is better to be dishonest (because they might think it better to protect people from the truth). Both of you have your own opinions, and reasons for valuing honesty/dishonesty and each of you might view the other’s values as positive/negative. 


Create a poster showing all your wonderful knowledge about morality, and demonstrating your own positive/negative values. 

Your poster should include:

  • What Morality is?
  • What a good choice is and how to make a good choice?
  • What a value is and why values are important?
  • What are your own personal values?
  • Who has influenced your personal values? 
  • Ho do your values help you make moral choices each day? 

Make your poster bright and colourful, if you can, with some bold text to make it stand out. 


Scenario: You have a close friend who you see is treating people unequally each day. You don’t like this because you see that it is making people feel upset and nervous to play in the playground. 

Write a letter to your friend explaining to them that they are acting immorally and why they are acting immorally. Explain to them what morality is and why it is important for themselves and others. 

Send us your fantastic posters, we can’t wait to see all that you now know!

Take care. 


The Year 4 Team x

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English – Wednesday

Good morning year 4,

Explain that today we are going to be planning our settings for our stories.

Where does a Foodimal live?

The three main settings of foodimal kingdom are: Breakfast Bog, Food Animal Jungle and Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Which of the three settings do you think your foodimal would be in

Example: The Caulifrog would be in the Food Animal jungle because it lives high up in the trees.

Your Task: Choose the setting you think is most appropriate for your Foodimal and describe it using these prompts to help you:
What do you think it would smell like there?
What can you see?
What do you think you would be able to hear?
What do you think you would be able to feel?

This setting description will be the setting for your comic that you will create tomorrow!

Use this word bank to help you if needed:

Best wishes,
The Year 4 Team

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End of the day reading – Wednesday

Good morning year 4,

Today we are going to listen to chapter 22 of The boy at the back of the classroom’ by Onjali Q. Raúf.

After you have finished listening, think about these questions (you don’t need to write anything down, these questions will help you reflect on what you have listened to).

1) Why do you think the children’s parents told them to say “no comment” to the reporters?

2) Were you surprised by how the teachers reacted to them?

3) How do you think the children felt about going back to school?

Best wishes,
Year 4 Team

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Work to 🐝🐝 Proud of! (week 7)

To all of Year 4… Thank you for persevering with all the work and blog posts since lockdown. We appreciate that it has been different, difficult, interesting and challenging at times. 

We will be uploading any work emailed over up until 4pm on Wednesday 15th July.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

The Year Team 

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Winner Wednesday!

What have you championed this year?

Aloha kakahiaka Year 4! We hope you are keeping well and busy..? Please can you register and comment to the posts and/or email? year4@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk

It’s your last week of Year 4!

What has been your proudest moment of Year 4? Please remember to register and comment to the posts and/or email? year4@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk

Daily Tasks and Polite Reminder:

Keep comments respectful. You will be receiving a phone call from your next (new) class teacher this week!. Try to undertake all tasks posted.

Newsround: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/53305605

What is an archaeologist? Why did they assume it was a boy? What does this tell us about the roles of girls and boys at the time? Does this represent equality?

Please take some time to watch Newsround which is on at 9:15am daily on CBBC.

First News:

Why are bees in trouble? Where might you find bee hives? Why are bees so important? What can we do to help the situation? How many bee colonies are there in London?
Why are honeybee colonies able to survive at the moment? What are threatening them? How many species of honeybees are there? What do WE need to protect?

Weekly/Summer P.E. Challenge:

What sports/physical activities do you like to partake in?

During this week and over the holidays we would like you to access the NHS.UK Change4Life website that provides activities to keep kids moving. There are many different activities from 10-60 minute workouts, to recipes and food facts. Which activity have you completed so far? https://www.nhs.uk/change4life

Riddles of the Day:

A fish is fifteen centimetres long, Its head is as long as its tail. If the head were twice as long as it really is, the head and tail would together be as long as what’s between. How long is each part of the fish?

King Tut dies 120 years after Kinf Eros was born. Their combined ages when they dies was 100 years. King Eros died in ten year 40 B.C. In what year was King Tut born?


28 rabbits and 44 chickens

1 out of 8 (there are 16 combinations that could exist but only 2 are either all boys or girls)

Wishing you an amazing day! From Ms Jacquart and the Year 4 Team.

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English – Tuesday

Good morning year 4,

Today we are going to be developing our Foodimal creatures as they are going to be the main character in a comic strip we will create at the end of the week!

To do this we are going to think about the characteristics of our Foodimals.
To think about:
Where does your Foodimal live?
How does it behave?
How does it speak?
What does it eat?
How does it move?
Who are its friends?
What is it afraid of?

Have a look at my example for the Caulifrog:

Your task: Use my example and the template below to help you plan your own Foodimal character.
(Hint: You could look back at the video from yesterday’s lesson if you need inspiration)

Best wishes,
The Year 4 Team

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End of the day reading – Tuesday

Good morning year 4,

Today we are going to listen to chapter 21 of The boy at the back of the classroom’ by Onjali Q. Raúf.

After you have finished listening, think about these questions (you don’t need to write anything down, these questions will help you reflect on what you have listened to).

1) Why did mum not like Mr.Greggs?

2) How do you think the narrator feels about being all over the news?

Best wishes,
The Year 4 Team