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Topics in Year 4

In week 5, we will be covering:

Maths: discrete and continuous data (bar and time graphs)

English: spelling strategies, the use of commas, up levelling adjectives

Art: drawing to scale

Geography: the causes and implications of global warming

Spanish: conjugating Spanish verbs ending in -er

Science: the functions of the organs in the digestive process

Music: learning two more notes on the recorder

PSHE: recognising the impact of disabilities

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Later this afternoon, we watched Alice in Wonderland, enjoyed some popcorn and finished off our party food. The children will bounce off the walls this evening but it was well worth it.

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A very happy unbirthday to Quartz class!!!

The Year 4 project this half term was Alice in Wonderland. We had fun learning diary entry writing skills. We then each chose a character from the story and finally wrote our own version Alice in Wonderland diary entries. We learnt about surrealism in art and made mad hats  in D&T.

This morning, we had our finale with a tea party to celebrate our unbirthdays. Enjoy the photos (apologies for the blurry ones, the children showed off their best moves💃🏾).