Homework due 20th March


Non-fiction needs some TLC. There are persuasive texts, autobiographies, diaries and journals, poetry, manuals and reference books. Have a look at home, at school and in the library and see what amazing facts you can learn!

Recommended Read: Guinness book of World Records 2019.

Mental Maths

Next week we will be looking at mass and capacity! Look at your scales and measuring jugs at home, identify the scales, make cakes, mix fruit cocktails, talk to your parents about when they learnt scales, then report your findings in your diary!

Spellings – words with the sh sound spelt ch – French origin








moustache (yes, America spells is mustache)




To conclude Story Week, we saved the best for last. We made then gobbled up some delicious cupcakes then performed The True Story of The Three Little Pigs. The children even got to ask the parents some philosophical questions. Take a look.

Homework due 13th March 2019


Next week Year 4 will be looking at poetry! So why not give poetry a try at home? There are lots of different types of poetry to explore, and some of it is so funny, you might even fall off your chair! 🙂

Recommended Read: ‘Michael Rosen’s Book of Very Silly Poems.’

If poetry isn’t your thing, then pick up a magazine, a scary story or a tale of a fantasy land. Either way, read, enjoy and comment in your diaries.



We have now finished our run of Homophones, so this week we will be learning how to use an apostrophe correctly with plural words to show possession.



babies’ children’s men’s


women’s people’s everyone’s



Mental Maths

We will be looking at Symmetry next week, so if you are up for a challenge, maybe find or draw things in your home that have a line of symmetry? If not, we just created board games with a range of questions, why not make up a few more and challenge your parents!

Story Week: Day 5

Bravo! Bravo! Opal class! You performed The True Story of the Three Little Pigs so well considering you only practiced for 2 days! We are proud of your efforts this week and hope you enjoyed story Week. Continue to read every day, all types of text and enjoy your weekend.