In our maths lesson today, Quartz class children showed off their multiplication skills. 


Hot-seating for Black History Month!

We have been learning all about Black History Month in class, especially influential people who have positively impacted the world that we live in today.

We have researched information on people like Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Helen Suzman and Martin Luther King J. In English, we channelled how these people may have felt about apartheid and some pupils even took on their character’s role! We had our very own Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela in Turquoise class (to name but a few!).

Children prepared for ‘hot-seating’ their given characters and then answered questions from the class as if they were really them. We had some amazing questions and responses. Turquoise class expressed feelings and motivations about why these amazing, life changing people did what they did.

Well done, Turquoise class!


Calling all parents


Are you an avid reader? Do you have an hour a week to spare? Would you be interested in supporting developing readers?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, Year 4 are looking for some parent helpers to join the fun and listen to some extra readers during the week. Please speak to one of the Year 4 teachers if you are able to help.

As we know, being able to read is the key to developing ones’ speech and language, and feeding our ever-growing imaginations.


Homework due 17th October


Keep up the amazing reading everyone! Don’t forget to think about a range of comments for each day…we wouldn’t want you getting bored!!

Mental Maths

Any Times Table up to 12 x 12. If you are after a challenge, you could always try the division facts based on 12 x 12, e.g. 40 ÷ 4 = 10


Two very similar phonemes this week… /ʒə/ sound spelt sure and /tʃə/ sound spelt ture 











Maths Investigation & Problem Solving

This week in maths, we have been taking our addition and subtraction skills to the next level! The class completed a subtraction investigation in pairs and they were so engaged in the activity. It really gave them an opportunity to use all their skills to solve it. Can you? Have a go with your child at home!

In addition, pupils paired up to solve some challenging multi-step word problems using a math strategy called RUCSAC. They all worked so well together. We love maths in Opal Class!

Turquoise debates!

Turquoise class have been learning how to debate and write persuasively!

On Friday, we planned arguments for and against some controversial topics and then went head to head with debating! Pupils debated about things like “should phones be allowed in school?” and “should smoking be banned in public?”. Some arguments were very persuasive!

What do you think about these controversial topics? We would love to hear your views!

Homework due Wednesday 10th October


Read every day including the weekends and write those wonderful comments in your diaries.

Mental Maths

Practising Times Tables up to 12 x 12 is always necessary. If you are after a challenge, you could always do division facts to match the times tables.


2 different sound this week. /g/ spelt gue and /s/ spelt sc