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Spellings: Week commencing 30.11.20

Good morning Year 4, 

Here are your Spelling words for this week. A reminder that you should be practising them for at least 15 minutes every day. The more you practise, the longer you will remember the correct spellings. 

  1. Occasion
  2. Mention
  3. Opposition
  4. Position
  5. Magician
  6. Action
  7. Ambition
  8. Extension 
  9. Mansion
  10. Tension

As usual, the children’s spelling test will occur on Friday. 

Have a wonderful week, 

The Year 4 Team

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Riddle me this…

Good Morning Year Four! 🙂

It’s really important that if we can’t come into school because we are self-isolating that we can still do our learning from home by following the lessons on the blog and commenting on the blog posts. So for our computing lesson this week we are going to practise commenting on the blog 🙂 I’ve got some riddles for you… do you think you can solve them?

Leave a comment on this blog post answering the following riddles:

Let us know what you think the answers are in the comments below! 🙂

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Good morning Year 4!

In preparation for a spelling test on Friday, we would like you to practise these words:

We will be focusing on these words in our Handwriting and Spelling lessons in School, too. 

  1. particular 
  2. peculiar 
  3. perhaps 
  4. popular 
  5. position 
  6. possession
  7. possible 
  8. potatoes 
  9. pressure 
  10. probably

Take care, 

The Year 4 Team

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Learning From Home: Subject Timetable Week 3

Good morning Year 4 Adults and Children,

To ensure that you are completing the same learning at home as we are completing in School, the Year 4 team feel it will be helpful for you to be able to see which days we will be doing each subjects.

The expectation is that, if children have to self isolate or are awaiting a test or test results they should complete the same learning as they would if they were in school. If children are unwell then of course please rest, until you are ready to complete some learning at home.

We feel that this will be useful to ensure you are not missing out on any learning as we want to maximise each child’s learning opportunities.

Please see our timetable below.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support and cooperation with us.

As always, if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Year 4 email address.


With kindest regards,

The Year 4 Team 🙂

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Supporting children at home

Dear Parents/Carers,

In light of the current situation, the Year 4 teachers would like to inform you that we are creating support for children who are unwell or forced to isolate as a form of prevention.

Every day, Year 4 will upload on the Year 4 blog the activities carried out in class that day. In this way, the children at home will be accessing the same learning and activities as everybody else.

Please, send your child’s work to us at the following Year 4 email address:


We would like to thank you for your support and cooperation, and we are sure we are going to see fantastic work!!

We hope this meets the needs and the expectations of children and parents.

The Year 4 Teachers

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Happy Tuesday Year 4 designers.

Today we shall work some more on getting our winter celebration products ready for the coming holiday!

Enjoy your Tuesday and share your work with us:


The Year 4 Team

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Good morning Year 4.

Now that we know the origin of Diwali, let’s find out how it is celebrated.

Let us watch some Diwali celerations in action!

Happy learning Year 4.

Share your Diya lamps with us by sending your work to:


The Year 4 Team

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Learning from home: Spanish 30.11.20

Good morning Year 4, 

In Spanish today, we are recalling numbers 1 – 20 and learning to pronounce numbers 11 – 20 correctly. 

Follow the slides, and practise saying each number using the pronunciation aid that matches each number. 

What is the same and what is different between Spanish numbers 1 – 10 and 11 – 20? 

Are there any repetitions?

What does dieci mean? What do you think the English equivalent of dieci is? 

Let us know how you’ve got on!

Take care, 

The Year 4 Team

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Learning from home: English 30.11.20

Good morning Year 4, 

This week, we are moving on from our magical stories and onto looking at Poetry. We will be particularly focusing on being able to read poems out loud to create the right effect for the reader, using intonation. 

Use the slides below to complete your learning for today. As you are completing your learning at home, we would like you write down your thoughts and answers to the questions about each poem. 

Don’t forget to send us your work:


Take care, 

The Year 4 team