Homework due 19th June


Record your range of reading in your diaries using a range of comments (use the sheet at the back of your diaries to help you).

Recommended Read:

   What the Romans Did for Us by Alison Hawes

Mental Maths

We will be looking at number in Maths so ensure your times tables, and related division facts, are up-to-scratch as these will help you with all number work.

Spellings Year 4 words












School trip fun

Yesterday, Turquoise class had a fantastic trip to Bough Beech and we were lucky enough that the rain stayed away!

We had brilliant tour all around the reservoir and even got to see the exact filtering and cleaning system that the water from the reservoir goes through to make it safe for us to use in our homes. More pics to come!

Quartz class children began creating their Roman mosaic cushions today. It was tricky when we started (holding and threading needles for the first time) but with lots of determination, we worked it out and had a therapeutic sewing session. Well done Quartz class.

Homework due 12th June


Last half term of reading for your current teacher…let’s make it THE BEST SO FAR!! Record your range of reading in your diaries using a range of comments (use the sheet at the back of your diaries to help you).

Recommended Read:

Roman Diary: The Journal of Iliona (A Young Slave) by Richard Platt Roman Diary: The Journal of Iliona (A Young Slave) by Richard Platt

Mental Maths

We will be looking at time graphs in Maths, so maybe do a little research into what a time graph looks like, and how to read one.

Spellings Year 4 words











Summer Term Learning

Here is a summary of what Year 4 will be learning this half term. Our Topic in class is ‘The Romans’ and our school wide theme is LGBTQ and ‘Proud to be me’.



During story time and reflection time at the end of the day. Teachers will use the books below to support discussions on the following themes:

  • Different families
  • It’s good to be me

Teachers will present a lesson on anti-bullying using the Anti-Bullying presentation written by Rachel Evans, Deputy Headteacher. Teachers will introduce the class ‘worry box’.

Children will take part in the school bullying survey


Reading, and comprehension activities, linked to the following books:

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson

The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

PRIDE The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag by Rob Sanders

Better NATE than Ever by Tim Federle

What’s up with Jody Barton? by Hayley Long


The children will write a piece designed to entertain, based on the book ‘The Boy in the Dress’ by David Walliams.

Spoken Language/ Drama/ Debate

Present work on whole school themes to parents, family members, other children etc. Children will also be using drama to develop their writing – acting scenes to bring stories to life.


The Roman empire and its impact on Britain. Children will look at Roman figureheads e.g. Julius Caesar and artists e.g. Michelangelo who have made an impact on life today.

 Design & Technology Design & Technology

Understand the principles of a healthy diet; how to prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes; techniques such as peeling, chopping, slicing etc.

Children will learn how to prepare and cook a range of ingredients to create dishes that they can eat on their ‘Roman Day’.

 Art & Design

Pottery/Sculpture (bust/figures)

Sketch collection of observational and imagined drawings and ideas using line, tone, texture, shading, hatching and cross-hatching, using a range of media.

Fresco painting/mosaics – form pictures (not just patterns)

This half term children will be studying the work of Michelangelo. He was a Roman Fresco painter, so we will be following his techniques of painting on plaster, but also observational drawings for the details.

The Fresco paintings that the children are making in art will be themed around ‘What makes me, me’. The frescoes will be based on objects or ideas that make the children proud of themselves. They will display these frescoes during the ‘Proud to be Me’ parade.


Children will learn and perform the following songs:

Proud by Heather Small

This is Me from The Greatest Showman

True Colours by Cyndi Lauper

Born this Way by Lady Gaga

Friends’ theme song by The Rembrandts

Meet the Dragons

After 8 weeks of preparation, Year 4 young entrepreneurs walked into the Dragons’ Den this afternoon. They had to persuade the Dragons (who are seasoned business moguls well known for their high expectations) to invest in their innovative, Eco-friendly products. It was nerve-wracking and some fast-paced negotiations took place. The teams all got the capital they need to start their businesses. Well done Year 4. We look forward to seeing your products in shops and online. Thank you Dragons for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to our presentations.

Homework due 5th June


I know reading can be easily ‘forgotten’ over the holiday period, replaced by family fun, seeing friends and visiting new places, but it doesn’t make it any less important! Keep up the reading, use it as ‘downtime’ before bed to settle you into a cosy slumber, then record after a good night’s sleep!

Mental Maths

Number is always good to practice, but if you ARE out and about, see what maths you can find in your everyday lives… Telling the time – what time is the film showing? Money – how much does the entry to the swimming pool cost? Measurement – how many miles are you travelling in the car?

Spellings (for Thurs 6th June) Year 4 spelling words:












Fraction Museum!

Year 4 took all their fraction knowledge and created a fraction museum. Each child created different fractions using multi links and labelled them. Then they toured each museum and wrote what they saw including solving a mystery fraction 🙂 Great job today!