To begin our science topic of the digestive system, Quartz class children used mirrors to look at their teeth then created a plan of what they observed.


Autumn 2 Learning

maya picFor those of you who are already chomping at the bit to get back to school (!) here is a little taster of what we will be learning about after half term…

Maths: Multiplication and division, Fractions, Measure, Geometry and Statistics.

Here are a few websites if you want to practise your Maths skills (copy and paste into your browser):

English: Writing to inform (fact file), Writing to entertain (narrative/story writing) firstly based on the Maya Civilisation

Topic: The Maya Civilisation: Who, What, Where, When and oh! so much more!

note to all: The Maya were the people, Mayan was the language spoken…don’t get them muddled!

Here are a few websites if you want to learn a little about The Maya Civilisation (copy and paste into your browser):

Science: Animals including Humans – starting with teeth and the digestive system!

SMSC (PSHE): Coping with emotions

RE: Christianity – sacred writing

Art: based on The Maya Civilisation


Half-Term BHM Homework!

As we all know, October is Black History Month!

Since we have half-term at the end of this important month, we think it would be amazing for everyone to have a think about Black history during the half-term.

Therefore, we are suggesting a whole school optional homework to complete over the half-term. This homework will be to create a project on the theme Black History is My History.

This project could be absolutely anything from a piece of artwork, or piece of writing that investigates Black History in your own history, heritage or family.

We have children from many different backgrounds and many different countries in our school, so we are asking everybody taking part to investigate Black history in their own background or country.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot take part if you are not Black; everyone’s heritage or history has been impacted by Black history, and you can explore this.

We think that this is an important area to look at during Black History Month, as Black history is different the world over. For example, Black history might look very different in Jamaica than it does in Australia.

This is an excellent way to explore your own background and heritage, which might be that your family (or you) were born or grew up in England, or in another part of the world.

We look forward to seeing what brilliant ideas you all have to show us after half-term!

Shape poems

All week, Turquoise class have been working hard to create a shape poem. We have had some brilliant poems about Nelson Mandela, Mary Seacole, Martin Luther King, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton and Beyonce!

Have a lovely half term and well done for working so hard, Turquoise!

No More Apartheid!

Year 4 has done some amazing work over this half-term in response to Black History Month! They have enjoyed learning about the different aspects of Black History including the Apartheid in South Africa. Opal class created some lovely posters protesting against Apartheid. They really put some thought into them, have a look!


Turquoise class have been looking at poems by Benjamin Zephaniah this week. On Monday, we worked in groups and read lots of different poems by Benjamin Zephaniah, then we annotated each poem and highlighted all the different features of a poem! Did you know that poems don’t HAVE to rhyme?!

On Tuesday, we used the iPads to research people that have influenced Black History Month and found lots of interesting facts and information about them. Now we have lots of information and facts for when we write our own poem on Friday!

Hot-seating for Black History Month!

We have been learning all about Black History Month in class, especially influential people who have positively impacted the world that we live in today.

We have researched information on people like Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Helen Suzman and Martin Luther King J. In English, we channelled how these people may have felt about apartheid and some pupils even took on their character’s role! We had our very own Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela in Turquoise class (to name but a few!).

Children prepared for ‘hot-seating’ their given characters and then answered questions from the class as if they were really them. We had some amazing questions and responses. Turquoise class expressed feelings and motivations about why these amazing, life changing people did what they did.

Well done, Turquoise class!