Parents’ Fun Day Afternoon in Moonstone Class

On the afternoon of Friday 14th December 2018, the parent’s and grandmothers of Moonstone class paid a visit to the school to have a look at their children’s work, in their books and around the classroom.  While there they got involved with their child’s Art activity, the atmosphere was full of happiness, laughter and fun.  As you can see, the adults were so engrossed and relaxed and the children were so happy to have them there participating in what they were doing.

I would like to thank all the parents and grandmothers for taking the time out, especially during this busy season, to spend some time with their child, grandchild and the other children in the class. We truly appreciate all your help, and support .



Merry Christmas! 

What a wonderful last day of term we have had! 

This morning we watched a fantastic pantomime and this afternoon we tried Maya hot chocolate! 

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone and a well deserved break 🎅🏽. Looking forward to seeing you all in the new year! 

Homework for the holidays

The holidays are nearly here!!! I hope that you all enjoyed this term and learned lots of great stuff!

As a treat, we aren’t asking you to do AS MUCH homework as usual, but we also don’t want your brains to turn off, so….


Hopefully, you will all receive some form of reading material, from game instructions, to recipes for Christmas cookies, to letters from your friends. It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you read! Record your reading in your diaries and share your reading adventure with others!

Mental Maths

Apart from counting how many mince pies you have eaten 🙂 next term we are revisiting place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. So anything to practise your mental strategies and to keep your brains fighting fit will be super!


We are not expecting you to learn spellings over this holiday, however, next half term we are learning Homophones! So brush up on your there their they’re and which witch is which? as this may come in handy!

Have a safe, happy and super break one and all, and we will see you all bright eyed in 2019. Happy New Year!

Acute maths lesson!

Turquoise class learnt about acute, obtuse and right angles today. Each pair dropped straws onto the table and counted ALL of the acute, obtuse and right angles they could find and then recorded their data on whiteboards.

Did you know that an acute angle is smaller than a right angle?

Did you know a right angle is where two perpendicular lines meet?

Do you know what an obtuse angle is? We would love to read your comments!




Homework due 19th December


Reading everyday, including the weekend, a range of texts to keep your interest up!

Don’t forget to write those comments in!

Also, if you have any books that you have finished with, Year 4 would very much appreciate some donations to make our book corners more exciting!

Mental Maths

This may seem like a little task, but it is SO important!! We will be learning about triangles and angles next week, so feel free to brush up on your knowledge!

Spellings: As we are recalling our ‘shun’ family of suffixes from the last 3 weeks, we will instead be testing you on the Year 4 spelling words.












Maya games and Turquoise rules!

As you know, year four have been learning about the Mayas this term. We have learnt that the Mayas used to play a game called Pok-Ta-Pok. To play, both teams had to keep the ball off the ground using only their hip, knee or right elbow and the aim of the game was to make the other team drop the ball. The punishment for losing was severe…. the captain of the losing team would sometimes be sacrificed to the Mayan Gods!

Turquoise class luckily weren’t as savage for their own games and the punishment for dropping the ball was that you had to do 10 burpees (still pretty harsh if you ask me!).

The rules for our game were:

  1. First, you form a group of six people.
  2. You need one ball.
  3. Then you stand in a small circle and throw the ball to each person in the team in a clockwise direction.
  4. Each time you pass the ball a whole lap without dropping it, you take a step backwards to make the ball bigger. You also start to throw the ball faster!
  5. If you drop the ball, the person that dropped it has to do 10 burpees and the circle starts at the beginning again.

Give it a go!

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