Finding things in common!

Whatever we do in our lives, we will always interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds, communities and ethnicities. We have been learning about how being able to build relationships with people from different cultures is the key to building diverse communities.

Today, we took part in a fun activity that allowed us to share facts about ourselves and find something in common with one another. We had one minute and then we moved down the line! Great fun!

It was really lovely to see Turquoise class sharing and finding things in common with one another! We found that lots of people’s favourite dinner is spaghetti Bolognese (or KFC), lots of the same football supports and popular YouTube channels and game lovers.


Sound, glorious sound!

We have been super busy investigating sound in science. Last week, we investigated vibrations, pitch and volume. 

Then we created our own woodwind instruments using straws (it was a VERY noisy afternoon!). 

Do you know what pitch is? How does it vary? How can we control this? We would love to hear your thoughts! 

Homework due 30th January


Enjoy a range of books, fill in those diaries and share your favourite facts and tales.

Mental Maths

We are currently working on multiplication and division, so anything along those lines is great!

Spelling – homophones, the focus is understanding which one to use!






In our science lesson today, we snipped, we blew, we listened. We repeated this process several times. By the end of the lesson, our ears were ringing and our cheeks hurt but we were able to conclude that… 

Can you guess what were investigating?

Meditation Station 

As you know, in school we are always challenging ourselves to try new things. During PSHE last week, we tried meditating!
Here are some notes about how pupils felt before and after meditating. 
How I felt before meditating 

– tired 

– stressed 

– hot 

– shakey 
How I felt after meditating 

– relaxed 

– calm 

– energetic 

– happy 

– peaceful 

The Wonders of Sound!

Did you know that sound is made by continuous vibration and regular vibration of an object? Sound is a wonderful thing and can be easily forgotten that it is. We have been learning quite a bit about sound such as how it’s made, the various pitch and volumes and tones. We conducted an experiment to see how sound is made using two styrofoam cups and string. Children were amazed and enjoyed this experience. Try it at home!

Fun Silhouettes!

Today, we began creating our character cutouts of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a silhouette of one child from each table. The children found it challenging yet fun to draw the outline of their peers! Stay tuned to the blog for the finishing the masterpiece!


As you know, year 4 are learning about sound this term. We have learnt that we hear all sounds through vibrations and today we had a go at making our own string phones. We made them using 2 polystyrene cups and some string. We stood apart so the string was staight and then one person put their ear to the cup whilst the other spoke into it. 
Do you think it worked? 

Have you ever done anything like this before?!