We are the Dragons’

Their English lesson was about the children maintaining attention and to participate actively in collaborative conversation within their Dragons’ Den group.  They were given a list of products ideas which they had to present and persuade the other members in their group who were the Dragons’.  The Dragons’ jotted down questions during the presentation and asked those questions at the end and the child had to appropriately respond to the questions. What a lively class there were!! For Art, the children had to use their observational skills and were taught a range of line qualities such as single line, sketch line, cross line and shading line, as they will be using these when they draw their designs for their new product. They practiced by taking a product or a picture and had to draw using their observational skills.

A thank you to the parents, carers who were able to come to Moonstone class today to see what the children have been learning. Have a wonderful weekend in everyone.


So, what are we learning this week in Maths?

Hello parents and children! This week, we will build on our knowledge of time by recording time on analogue and digit clocks. Here is a video to refresh your child’s memory on the difference between 24-hour time and 12-hour time. I hope this introduction will make them feel more confident about coming into Monday’s math lesson. Have a great weekend!

Save Our Planet

The children have been learning about eco-friendly products and had to analyse ideas of others. They brought in a variety of plastic objects and things and had to work in their Dragon Den’s groups to show how plastic is effecting our environment and planet. They got quite engrossed with experimenting with plastic and created some lovely things, such as an ocean where plastic has been dumped into it and the creatures have been affected.

​So, what are we ​learning in maths?

Hello Parents! Year 4 has been practising converting units of time, i.e. hours to minutes, minutes to seconds, days to weeks and months to years. Here are the links that we used in our lessons this week. It would be helpful if you could practice conversion of time with your child(ren) especially months and years (some practice problems below). Remember http://www.topmarks.co.uk is an excellent resource to practice many maths concepts via games.

Converting Units of Time (Hours to Minutes)


Converting Units of Time – Minutes to Seconds


Watch up to 1.23 minutes

Converting Units of Time – Months to Years


a) How old are you in years and months?

b) How old are you in months?

c) How many years and months do you have left in KS2?

d) How long have you been attending Heavers Farm (in years and months?)

Opal Enterprise

As Year 4 continues its Dragons’ Den theme, Opal class had to practice thinking like a business person. In groups, they had to design a profitable product out of one brick! The brick challenge was fun and engaging and groups really got creative. From a makeup holder to a bird feed and nest, I enjoyed watching them work so well together and develop unique ideas!


This afternoon Quartz class children got to practise their observational sketching skills. We got the parents to join in too! Thank you for coming in to catch up on all that we have been learning this term.

The interrogation begins…

In English, we are continuing with the Dragons Den theme. Today, pupils took turns to face the Dragons in their group and had to pitch their (challenging) ideas and face the intense questioning and interrogation! Some of the Dragons even had Miss McKee nervously thinking about how to answer their gruelling questions! What a fun lesson! Watch out Deborah Meadon 👀🐲

Quartz class are preparing to face the Dragons’ Den judges to sell them some amazing designs. Today they had a go at using the 8 persuasive devices to persuade their peers on various topics.

Dragons Den

Year Four are working on their very own version of Dragons Den! We have started to think of creative ideas and designing new products. This day we completed ‘the brick challenge’ and created products using a brick, then we pitched our ideas to the class!

Our History Lesson

For their History lesson the children had to place images of London in a timeline sequence to see the visual changes through time. This was based on our theme “Saving the Planet”, they talked about the impact that more buildings has on the planet, such as more buildings, more waste and pollution, less spaces etc