Decimal place organisation!

Welcome back turquoise class and I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break!

This week are learning about money but to make sure we are really confident, today we compared and ordered decimal points. We thought of our own number (wto two decimal places) and then we ordered them from largest to smallest. We worked in different groups such as our different house teams, boys vs girls, different types of ties and more! Great fun was had by all!


The interrogation begins…

In English, we are continuing with the Dragons Den theme. Today, pupils took turns to face the Dragons in their group and had to pitch their (challenging) ideas and face the intense questioning and interrogation! Some of the Dragons even had Miss McKee nervously thinking about how to answer their gruelling questions! What a fun lesson! Watch out Deborah Meadon 👀🐲

Dragons Den

Year Four are working on their very own version of Dragons Den! We have started to think of creative ideas and designing new products. This day we completed ‘the brick challenge’ and created products using a brick, then we pitched our ideas to the class!

World Book Week

This week Heavers Farm School are celebrating World Book Day by engaging in a week of fun activities based around reading.

Year 4 are reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Today Turquoise class were making pig and wolf masks and playing a Three Little Pigs Maths game.

Finding things in common!

Whatever we do in our lives, we will always interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds, communities and ethnicities. We have been learning about how being able to build relationships with people from different cultures is the key to building diverse communities.

Today, we took part in a fun activity that allowed us to share facts about ourselves and find something in common with one another. We had one minute and then we moved down the line! Great fun!

It was really lovely to see Turquoise class sharing and finding things in common with one another! We found that lots of people’s favourite dinner is spaghetti Bolognese (or KFC), lots of the same football supports and popular YouTube channels and game lovers.