Call for Recycling

Year 4 will be creating some prototypes of their Dragons’ Den creation in DT this week and next. Please could you collect cardboard and plastic from your recycling bins, and bring them to school from tomorrow? Many Thanks


Homework for Easter


Keep up the good work everyone, your reading and comments have been superb!

You will be surprised how much you read without even knowing it… let us know the sorts of things you have read over the holiday.

Recommended Read:

‘The Legend of the Eater Egg’ by Lori Walburg.


Mental Maths

Money, Money, Money! As we are preparing for our Dragons’ Den presentation, we will be looking at Money in Maths. Value of coins, monetary value, adding numbers with 2 decimal places and spending it sensibly.

Not that I’m encouraging you to spend all of your parents’ money over the holiday, but if you get a chance to hand money over to a shopkeeper and work out the change you expect to receive, then every little helps!



We will be tackling prefixes in spelling – the letters that are added to the FRONT of the word – dis- mis- and in-







misspell (mis+spell)




Homework due 27th March 2019


Can you find a persuasive text to read and write about in your diary?

Recommended read: Eat your Peas by Kes Gray

Mental Maths

This coming week we are looking at time. You could record everything you know about time, you could convert time from minutes to hours, or you could time yourself doing an activity and convert it into seconds.

Spelling: 3 out of 5 ‘ous’ rules











Homework due 20th March


Non-fiction needs some TLC. There are persuasive texts, autobiographies, diaries and journals, poetry, manuals and reference books. Have a look at home, at school and in the library and see what amazing facts you can learn!

Recommended Read: Guinness book of World Records 2019.

Mental Maths

Next week we will be looking at mass and capacity! Look at your scales and measuring jugs at home, identify the scales, make cakes, mix fruit cocktails, talk to your parents about when they learnt scales, then report your findings in your diary!

Spellings – words with the sh sound spelt ch – French origin








moustache (yes, America spells is mustache)



Homework due 13th March 2019


Next week Year 4 will be looking at poetry! So why not give poetry a try at home? There are lots of different types of poetry to explore, and some of it is so funny, you might even fall off your chair! 🙂

Recommended Read: ‘Michael Rosen’s Book of Very Silly Poems.’

If poetry isn’t your thing, then pick up a magazine, a scary story or a tale of a fantasy land. Either way, read, enjoy and comment in your diaries.



We have now finished our run of Homophones, so this week we will be learning how to use an apostrophe correctly with plural words to show possession.



babies’ children’s men’s


women’s people’s everyone’s



Mental Maths

We will be looking at Symmetry next week, so if you are up for a challenge, maybe find or draw things in your home that have a line of symmetry? If not, we just created board games with a range of questions, why not make up a few more and challenge your parents!

Homework due 6th March

As it is Story week this week, we are focusing on books, stories, imagination and adventure! Pick up a new book, try something you never have before and see where the magic takes you!

Year 4 will be studying a Fractured Fairytale this week…this means a traditional fairytale told from the perspective of another character, e.g. LittleRed Riding Hood told from the point of view of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’.

What fractured fairytales have you read before? Which have you heard of? Which would you like to read more about?

Recommended Read: The Stinky Cheese Man by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.


We will not be testing spellings this week, but recap all of the homophone and near homophones that we have learned over the last half term… test yourself and see if you still remember all of the contexts.


Mental Maths: Turn your favourite book/story into a tricky worded question. Test your peers and your teachers… we love a challenge!

e.g. Charlie found 50p in the gutter. He bought 2 Wonka bars and got 10p change. How much would 10 Wonka bars cost, and how much change would he get from ÂŁ5?

Spring Half Term Homework

We do hope that you all have a restful and revitalising half term break, and we hope that the weather stays Spring-like so we can enjoy the outdoors!

Even though it is half term, we still believe it is possible to read for at least 10 minutes a day!

Recommended Read: Roald Dahl’s ‘The Great Glass Elevator’ (as we have just thoroughly enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!)

Half Term Reading

Go to the Library, borrow a book from a neighbour, swap with a friend… try to find a book that you wouldn’t normally choose – you might be surprised! Failing that, read any book that you have in your house, or a magazine, or comic strip even, just make sure that you write those comments in your diaries!



Near Homophones  (think about how you can identify which one to use)

Our are

Where were


Mental Maths

Times Tables are a definite!

The 4 operations are always simple to practise ( + – x Ă·)

Geometry – understanding symmetry: putting objects in front of a mirror and explaining what you see

Measure – practise telling the time on an analogue clock, using a tape measure (if you have one) to measure your room sizes or your bed length

World Book Week w/c 4th March 2019

It’s that time of year again!!! When everyone (including the staff Yey!) get to dress up!!

For World Book Week in Year 4 we will be exploring ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’ a fractured fairytale, with some humour and some critical thinking!true story

The staff of Year 4 are going to be dressing up on Thursday 7th March (World Book Day) as pigs and wolves, so if you would like to get involved we would love to be joined by piglets and wolf cubs! If you would rather choose your own book character, then we would love to see your creative costumes! Be creative and Enjoy!

Homework due 13th February


In the back of your reading diaries are a list of questions that you can answer (one a day) to create a RANGE of comments for your daily reading. Please use them to support you and ask your class teacher if you are unsure.

Recommended Read for this week: Roald Dahl The Twits – as we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it is always good to read other books written by the same author.

Mental Maths

At the moment we are tackling 2 step worded problems. This means that the question will be asking you to do 2 calculations in the same question, e.g. multiply and then add, or add and then take away from the total etc.

Mrs Hackett had blogged the 2 step worded problems that we were working on, on Wednesday, so feel free to have another go or talk your parents through how you solved them!


Homophones – Everyone has been doing brilliantly with the homophone learning!!

Here are this week’s…





Homework due 6th February


Enjoy a range of books, fill in those diaries and share your favourite facts and tales.

Mental Maths

We will be looking at rounding decimal numbers this week, so recapping the rounding rules will certainly be helpful!


More homophones… where the words sound the same but have different spellings and very different meanings…