The interrogation begins…

In English, we are continuing with the Dragons Den theme. Today, pupils took turns to face the Dragons in their group and had to pitch their (challenging) ideas and face the intense questioning and interrogation! Some of the Dragons even had Miss McKee nervously thinking about how to answer their gruelling questions! What a fun lesson! Watch out Deborah Meadon 👀🐲


Quartz class are preparing to face the Dragons’ Den judges to sell them some amazing designs. Today they had a go at using the 8 persuasive devices to persuade their peers on various topics.

Dragons Den

Year Four are working on their very own version of Dragons Den! We have started to think of creative ideas and designing new products. This day we completed ‘the brick challenge’ and created products using a brick, then we pitched our ideas to the class!

Our History Lesson

For their History lesson the children had to place images of London in a timeline sequence to see the visual changes through time. This was based on our theme “Saving the Planet”, they talked about the impact that more buildings has on the planet, such as more buildings, more waste and pollution, less spaces etc

Homework due 27th March 2019


Can you find a persuasive text to read and write about in your diary?

Recommended read: Eat your Peas by Kes Gray

Mental Maths

This coming week we are looking at time. You could record everything you know about time, you could convert time from minutes to hours, or you could time yourself doing an activity and convert it into seconds.

Spelling: 3 out of 5 ‘ous’ rules











Conductors and Insulators

In science we have been learning about conductors and insulators, and today the children had to investigate which materials were conductors and which were not. They were told that “Sanji is experimenting with circuits. He wants to make his circuit as big as possible, but has run out of wires. They were given a light bulb, a battery, paper clips, a pencils, a ruler, string and foil and off they went investigating. They thoroughly enjoyed investigating the different materials and were excited when they got the bulb to light up.

Circuit challenge

In science today, the children attempted to make the biggest working circuit they could using 3 wires, a ruler, a bulb, 2 batteries, some pencils, foil, string and 5 paper clips. Here’s how they got on. Can you make a bigger working circuit, than those made by Quartz class children, using the same resources?

Book Week

What a lovely, fun filled week we have had in Moonstone class.  On Monday we looked at the original story of the Three Little Pigs and the True story of the Three Little Pigs (the Wolf’s version of the story) and the children recorded the differences and similarities between the two stories.  They also enjoyed making a pig or wolf ​mask, attended a poetry workshop and then in groups created their own poems and acted it out.  Oh, what fun and laughter they had acting out the True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Homework due 20th March


Non-fiction needs some TLC. There are persuasive texts, autobiographies, diaries and journals, poetry, manuals and reference books. Have a look at home, at school and in the library and see what amazing facts you can learn!

Recommended Read: Guinness book of World Records 2019.

Mental Maths

Next week we will be looking at mass and capacity! Look at your scales and measuring jugs at home, identify the scales, make cakes, mix fruit cocktails, talk to your parents about when they learnt scales, then report your findings in your diary!

Spellings – words with the sh sound spelt ch – French origin








moustache (yes, America spells is mustache)